Terms of Service & Policy

By placing an order with us you are stating that you have read and agree to our company policy.

Once a job has been sent to print the order cannot be canceled. All orders must be processed (designed and printed) within 30 days. All orders over 30 days old will be discarded with no refunds. 

Customers must proof work designed by She Graphics.  Jobs will not go to print until She Graphics receives a signed “Design Approval” form or some other form of written approval.  We cannot assume responsibility for spelling errors, missing or incorrect information that you fail to submit or correct. Design Fees are non-refundable regardless if the design is used or not.  Payment in full needs to be received prior to beginning work.  There will be no cash refunds except for jobs that are not printed minus any design fees with the exception of orders over 30 days old. All designs created by She Graphics are copyrighted and can only be reproduced with She Graphics approval.  Any reproduction without She Graphics approval will be subject to fines per copyright law. Fees for the authorization of printing She Graphics artwork elsewhere will be at She Graphics discretion.

She Graphics extends ONE (1) FREE text charge per job we design. Each additional change to the artwork or text will cost an additional $75 per hour.  Fees for changing the artwork must be paid prior to changes being made.

Occasionally there will be delays due to technical malfunctions, equipment failure, or file problems.  We will make every effort to keep these events from affecting production and / or delivery of your order. She Graphics may not be held responsible for any delays and/ or their effects.

We stand behind our work.  If you are unhappy with the quality of the printing or cutting, She Graphics will be happy to discuss a possible reprinting your job free of charge or a partial printing credit depending on the nature of the problem. Please understand, She Graphics may request a 5" stack of the printed piece in question for review. She Graphics will not pay for return shipping of these samples. Without samples of the printed piece in question She Graphics is unable to issue credits or refunds.

Production and delivery times are not contractual.  If your item is time sensitive plan well in advance.  There will be no refunds for jobs that do not arrive by your “deadline”.  Jobs will be shipped per your original invoice unless you choose to pay for a shipping upgrade due to time issues. All shipments require an adult signature upon arrival. If you are unavailable to receive the shipment at the shipping address you provided when placing your order it is your responsibility to call the shipping company and arrange for pickup at their location. Returned shipments to She Graphics will not be refunded and additional shipping cost will be required prior to reshipping your package.


She Graphics will not be responsible for designer errors, Including files sent without proper room left for cutting. The blade will take off exactly 1/8 inch – ¼ inch off each edge of the cards so anything that you do not want cut off needs to be at least 1/8 – ¼ inch from all edges of the card.  We can not guarantee precise cutting. She Graphics will print your files AS SENT. We will not critique your artwork. POOR QUALITY FILES WILL RESULT IN POOR OUTPUT. Low resolution Files or images will cause your piece to print blurry and maybe unreadable. Files that due not meet our guidelines will be printed AS IS and are not eligible for reprint. Please give us a call if you have any questions concerning our file guidelines so that we may help you prior to submitting your files for print. We would be happy to assist you. 

We reserve the right to use samples from each order for promotional purposes unless otherwise expressed at the time of the initial order.

All estimates are good for 15 days. No exceptions!

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